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Dreamhounds of Paris

Afternoon Coffee

November 3, 1932
Le Cyrano bar next to the Moulin Rouge

The Cast
Kathy: Suzanne (aka Marcel Moore)
Mark: Marcel Duchamp
Gerri: Gala
Brett: Charlie Watts
Claude Calhoun- NPC
Dali- NPC
Andre Breton- NPC

The depression is settling in on Paris, and Andre Breton couldn’t be happier. Finally, he says to his fellow surrealists, finally- there will be no money to pay for art! There will be no more patrons! Just art! Art for the sake of art!

The others at the table don’t agree with him. They are tired, and weary for some reason. Dali cannot remember the last time he felt like creating anything. He’s detached.

The new member at the table has arrived with a portfolio of photographs from New York city. He aspires to be a surrealist, but only Breton will allow it. The others are impressed by his work. But they are tired. They aren’t sleeping…or are they sleeping too much.

They aren’t dreaming. As a group they begin to talk about that. Breton angrily leaves as no one is willing to talk about the triumph of art over economics.

Gala remembers the last time she and Dali were there. They were journeying down the Oukranos, fishing peoples secrets out of the water as they went.

For Duchamp, the last time he remember was playing one of his favorite opponents in chess…the captain of the guard in the town of Kadatheron.

They continue to look at the photos Watts has brought. He specializes in double exposures. His best they all agree, is one of the skyline of Paris…but what attracts them to it is the skyline of Celephais that bleeds through the image to them.

As the day wears on, they decide that they must return to the Dreamlands. They leave and agree to meet each other there that night.

What dreams will be dreamt?


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