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Shore Leave!

The Search for the Mad Mage's Eyes Continues!

The ‘Black Drake’ docks at the Rock of Bral and the players disembark to see the sights.

Their first stop is to visit the Fireball Alliance, the local guild hall for mages of all types. Grink and Rodalyn are allowed to enter and Rodalyn gets a membership to the guild. Membership, having its privelages, allows him to do some research on Greyspace, curses, and so on.

While he’s doing that, the rest of the party heads to a bar! They go to Large Luigi’s, a sketchy tavern run by a Beholder. Of course a bar fight breaks out! They square off with the crew of the ‘Starfire’, a rival ship that once beat the Black Drake in some kind of race. The crew of the Black Drake is triumphant, and Luigi expels the defeated crew of the Starfire from his bar.

Hetron decides to chat with Luigi the Beholder and ends up getting charmed by him. Hetron spills it. Spills all of it. About what they are doing, where they have been, where they are going….he sings like a prison canary. Speaking of singing…Rodalyn arrives and pulls out the pan flute…and rolls a natural 20 on his performance roll!

From the bar, the players head to the headquarters of the Pragmatic Order of Thought, an organization they believe can help them remove the curse on Hassans arm. On the way they are ambushed in an alley by some Yakuza! (yes…YAKUZA!!!!!!!!!!!!) They defeat all but one of their assailants who slips away from them into the city. Hassan performs a ‘live sacrifice’ of one of the Yakuza and discovers it seems to ease the tension on his arm. How interesting!

After some navel gazing with the Pragmatic Order of Thought, the party is led to the temple of Ptah, where some starry eyed (literally) priests remove the curse and free Hassan’s arm from the evil amulet!

Back at the ship they find the captain has secured passengers (4 gnomes and a dwarf) and cargo (crates of silk) and is prepared to leave for Greyspace.

They depart, and eventually enter the sphere of Greyspace. Once there they are ambushed by pirates! Star Vampire Pirates no less!

A Galleon and two Dragonlfy ships attack them. The Dragonfly’s are crewed with boarding parties. The crew of the Black Drake destroys one of the Dragonflys with a critical hit from their ballista but cannot repel the other boarders in time. Meanwhile the Galleon begins to fire volley after volley of catapult shot at the ship.

Rodalyn takes the fight to the ships themselves! He manages to fly out and fireball the other Dragonfly and harasses the Galleon enough to get it to break off its attack.

On deck, the battle is engaged and one of the gnome passengers and the dwarven passenger are both killed. Hetron is taken out of the fight but is quickly restored to service by Hassan. After a heated battle, the boarders are killed off and the attacking Galleon is allowed to speed away. Perhaps they will meet again?


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