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The Shrine of the Bronze Congregation
Our first foray into 5E DnD

Welcome to the town of Daggerdowns! A town of adventure, mystery, and danger!

Days ago several children from the town disappeared after playing in the hills above the town. One child came running home, terrified and telling tales of shadows detaching from the walls of a cave they had found. The mayor of the village, Mayor Quartz- an unbelievably old Dwarf, and the priests from the temple of Mishakal, charge a group of adventurers with the task of finding the children and bringing them home if they can.

Our adventurers and their status at the end of the game
Ornic the Wise (Dwarven Priest of Mishakal)- deceased
Kepeshkmolik Ashunderlaa (Dragonborn Ranger)- deceased
Iados (Tiefling Sorceror)- 2nd level
Voltar III (Human Sorceror)- deceased
Gil Ho-Tep (Dragonborn Fighter)- deceased
Strand Brandleburr (Halfling Cleric of Yondalla)-deceased
Pyotr (Gnome Rogue)- 2nd level
Thagbran (Human Barbarian)- 2nd level

Ornic, Kepeshkmolik and Iados began the day inspecting the outside of an old cave where the children were thought to have entered. Outside of the cave were several broken pillars. The pillars had ancient dwarven writing on them and were of a style of dwarvish architecture that nobody had used in at least a hundred years, maybe more. The writing indicated that this was a temple to an old sect of human gods known as ‘The Bronze Gods’.

Ornic knew of this old cult and how they were involved with Dwarves. Centuries ago Dwarves and humans hated each other. It is rumored that a group of Dwarves began worshiping a sect of human deities, hoping to curry favor with them in order to either best the humans, or at least end the fighting between the two races.

The trio entered the cave and came to a hallway where they could see the scattered footprints of the children and some odd drag marks. Closer inspection of these drag marks revealed a slimy residue…like… a snail trail. Suddenly, the ceiling came crashing down on them in the form of 4 conical stones…one of them striking Iados! The stones did not shatter on impact with the ground. Instead, they righted themselves and began slowly moving back up the sides of the walls. The creatures were dispatched quickly as they moved very slowly, and were very easy to hit. They appeared to be some kind of mollusk that was living on the roof of the cave.

After a moment they gathered their wits and went further into the temple. They came upon a room with four bronze statues in it, and in front of each statue lay the lifeless form of a child. The statues were of a naked woman holding a basin above her head, a naked man with wings, a naked woman with a bulls head, and a naked man with a goats head. The room also had a small stone altar with a bronze bowl and knife on it.

Of course…the statues were animated and of course one of them began attacking them. The statue of the woman with the basin began to slowly move and tried to bash their heads in with her empty basin. They dented her and decided to run for it back down the hall and towards a door they had spied. The statue continued toward them, slowly.

Making their escape they entered a very large and dark chamber. This room appeared to be some kind of festival hall as the ruins of many tables and chairs were strewn about. They could see the footsteps of the children in here as well…two sets coming in and one set leaving at a run!

They didn’t get much of a chance to insect these as Ornic was ambushed by two Shadows from above. The Shadows struck him down and moved in to finish his companions. Kepeshkmolik was downed quickly as well and Iados was knocked out cold shortly afterwards.

Hours later, Iados awoke in the darkness. He carefully checked his companions and found they had no pulse, and were cold to the touch. He returned to the town and recruited the assistance of Gil Ho-Tep and Strand Brandleburr.

Again Iados and his brave companions entered the temple. This time they were accosted by many more Shadows! Gil Ho-Tep and Strand Brandleburr were struck down but at least they took a few of the Shadows with them.

Iados once again returned to town and recruited the assistance of Voltar the Third and Thagbran the Barbarian. He warned them about the Shadows and how he knew they would be waiting for them.

Voltar cast Mage Armor on himself and the trio entered the temple. Voltar died instantly when a Shadow shot straight through him (critical hit!) Thagbran went into a rage! The remaining Shadows were dispatched!

Pyotr the gnome rogue came running up to the temple….afraid he would miss out on the fun, he had followed the trio to the cave.

They went back into the festival hall and inspected the wine cellar. Here they were attacked by what they recognized as a Darkmantle. it was like a leathery squid-bat-thing and it tried to eat Thagbrans head.

As they continued to search they found the last remaining body of one of the missing children…and got to fight his Shadow as well. They found a concealed room full of silver plates and cups.

They went into the first chamber, and discovered that the statue which had been attacking them was nowhere to be found. The other three were still there however. They found the skeleton of an old priest and disarmed the trap on a chest to score a jeweled dagger and ruby encrusted chalice.

Returning to the room with the statues…they thought and thought and thought about what to do. Iados used his sorcerous powers to make it appear as if he was pouring blood into the bronze bowl. This brought the remaining statues to attention.

At this same time, Mayor Quartz appeared with a warhammer in hand and began accusing the players of being “meddlers in things they didn’t understand”. Thagbran made as if he was drinking the blood and ordered the statues to attack Mayor Quartz. Which they did…murdering him…ripping him limb from limb.

And with that…they returned the statues to where they found them, and took the bodies of the children…and all of their former comrades in arms back to the town for a proper burial.

They learned that Mayor Quartz was trying to resurrect the old cult but they don’t know why.

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